Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sitar Dreams

Lately I have noticed that as I wake up I am hearing music, usually it sounds much like a sitar. (I know, it sounds like a rerun from Battlestar Galactica, but I REALLY don't think its related).

Last night I had a dream that was very complex, ( I won't share it here yet) but it lead me to wonder if other people might be having this experience too.

Do you hear strange music as you wake up?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Awareness Rising...

Andrea Lyon over at The Seth Teachings Fellowship turned me on to these talks by Jim Self.

I found it really comforting to learn that there is a growing number of us who are sensing these changes, as evidenced by Jim's audience who obviously resonate with his message.

As I mentioned in my post on the fellowship, I not only enjoyed hearing Jim speak on the subject, but I really appreciate how he keeps things conceptual and doesn't try to quantify the information into third dimensional terms in any significant way.

I feel one of the lessons I have already learned from this blog, is that whatever this shift is, it means different things to different people. I think its vitally important in our understanding of what's going on, to leave room for the wide variety of interpretations and specifics which are necessarily different for each individual as we each translate it into our own reality.

I'm very interested in hearing YOUR impressions on Jim's talks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seth Net is back!

Just wanted to make a quick note that, The International Seth Network has re-emerged! It was a fantastic resource in the past, I am sure it will serve us all in wonderful and unexpected ways in the future!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phoenix Rising?

Well this news story fits too perfectly into my theme to pass up:

Just remember, the Phoenix is a symbol of death AND REBIRTH. If this does have any real symbolic meaning, it doesn't necessarily mean a catastrophic physical event, it could just as likely be foretelling a psychic or psychosocial shift.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A note about my hiatus...

Obviously, I haven't posted in awhile and I didn't really put my finger on why until just last night.

I realized I've been leaning heavily on news items in my search for clues about what's going on in the human psych, and while I still believe the news can be a valid resource, I think perhaps this emphasis has made my search feel a bit forced.

After all, the answers I am seeking certainly will have difficult to quantify elements, (something neither the news, nor Google is geared for) and I want to avoid as much as possible deforming whatever is happening into 3 dimensional camouflage, thereby missing the point and turning my blog into one that at times feels too much like a UFO / Ghost Hunters site.

I'm not sure what my next step is, but I haven't given up the quest, or the desire to share it with you, and encourage you to share your journey too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pope sees rising tide...

OK, this one is good as gold as far as clues that something is afoot with human spiritual growth.

It seems the Pope of the Catholic Church is noticing that something is happening too, only he's taking steps to try to avert it.

Read: "Pope orders bishops to root out false claims of visions."

Is the sun setting on the Catholic Church?

If I am right about the dawning of a new level human consciousness, It only makes sense that any organized religion would react violently and attempt to cast individual experience in a negative and frightening light.

After all, it would mean that people would be "waking up" to the fact that there is no one between the individual and the divine, and would strike a death blow to the heart of any organization that claimed to be THE conduit to god.

Here's a key quote from this article that perked my ears right up:

"The Pope is said to be deeply concerned by the explosion in the number of pseudo-mystics who, claiming a direct line to God, set themselves against the bishops and lure the Catholic faithful out of the Church and into disobedient cults. "
I think its understandable that the pope would attempt to quash something that would destroy both his and his organizations power.

But to me, the mere fact that this "explosion" has come to the Pope's attention, is as close to proof that I'm gonna get that humanity IS on the brink of a new psychic awareness.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunburst II: A creative fire in the mind.

This post will make more sense after you've read my first "Sunburst" post.

...So, I've had this meditation for years, and found it very helpful when I feel uninspired, afraid or even angry.

Then, two years ago we bought a house. A serious fixer, in addition to the interior needing lots of work, the back yard was essentially an uneven slope of weeds with one big tree in the corner.

I was surprised once we moved in how motivated I was to develop the garden, I had always considered myself a brown thumb, able to kill any house plants I neared. But now I was burning with desire, and spent every waking moment either working on it or meditating on it.

The process has been one of the most important "wizard classes" I've had, I feel I have learned a host of new skills (I could use that new vocabulary about now) in both creation and collaboration.

One of the many learning's I had from this process was a new understanding of my sunburst. Without trying, I would find it floating in front of my minds eye.

As I watched it and pondered, I noticed its character became clearer to me, the texture was no longer just undifferentiated glowing light, now I could see that it was made up of something related to flames that are somehow also sparks.

Constantly in motion, its like a jewel with limitless facets that endlessly turn in on themselves. (The motion reminded me of computer animations of theoretical 4th dimensional objects, such as hypercubes.)

I noticed that it came up most strongly for me at the point where I was shifting from "conceptualizing" my garden plans and moved into the physical "action" of landscaping.

One day, a moment of inspiration hit me that set off a series of profound inner experiences. I had the strong sense that this image, was a representation of what I now call the "reality engine".

I have long believed that we create our reality in a sort of subconscious state, and then somehow translate that into three dimensions, I am now convinced that this image is symbol of the process we use to do that.

What's more, I now think that this is not a completely subjective, abstract vision based on my meditation, but instead
a universal symbol of reality generation.

You see, I started to realize its uncanny resemblance to the ancient symbol of the mandala. For awhile, every time I would see a mandala, I would say to myself "that's it!"

But it didn't stop there, soon, I began to see how often in nature we experience a burst of life in a similar visual pattern, suddenly they all seemed to be symbolic representations of the reality engine; a flower opening and our sun of course are two obvious corollaries.

The image even came up in my artwork.

Although I knew nothing of the official ideas of what a mandala is, a simple "Googling", found this, which sounds very close to the understanding I came to by myself.

I would love to hear if any of you have had any similar experiences.